I am
René Ewals

I’m a published fashion, lifestyle & portrait photographer operating from The Netherlands.

Stealing my grandfather’s camera, I explored the world as narrow as the backyard or people walking by in the city, always looking for that bird of paradise to capture. From my kid’s age on, I was always fascinated to play with altering the elements, looking for that next best shot, striving for perfection, nailing the precise moment of capturing the action.

With age, my career as director for a big international operating company and my other life as a professional dancer sharpened my eye for detail and style. Having had a keen interest in how to look elegant and to be fashionable quite naturally directed me more and more into the field of fashion, lifestyle & portraits. For me, the aim is to capture the essence of both model and fashion, strengthening each other intensely. A well-done shoot for me is where the personality of the model makes the fashion stand out.

The result? I photographed numerous eventful occasions and people all over the world. My curiosity to go out and explore has brought me on a variety of creative and adventurous places all around the world. Working on major projects in big teams for major clients. This experience is now applied in my photography as well.

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